Mark Pavlovits was born and raised in California by a family of artists.  Upon completing degrees at the California College of the Arts and Crafts and the Gemological Institute of America, he established his studio in 2011 dedicated to the design and craft of glass. 

He is drawn to the old world craft to glass, where everything is made by a hand made precision.  Each piece Mark produces is hand blown or assembled and fused in his Los Angeles studio. All works are then finished by grinding and polishing through an extensive process to arrive at the desired form.

A professional career as a gemologist for nearly a decade has greatly influenced how Mark uses the visual properties of this fluid material.  Through explorations in form, texture, light, weight, and the purity found in glass; Mark creates designs that have a minimalist yet sophisticated aesthetic.  Inspired by historical artifacts and irregular patterns found in nature, the collections combine the use of both traditional and innovative glass making techniques.

With a passion for small sculptural and functional objects, Mark seeks to create limited edition works that are made in small batch quantities every year. Working specifically in colorless non-leaded glass, the creations take form as timeless flower vases, bowls, lighting, and even sculptural objects. Each design is well suited for all gift giving occasions and interior design settings.